Point of Sales (POS) are running as a virtual shop in a restaurant, café or retail shop. It’s hard for shop owners to choose such an important device between traditional POS and iPad POS because they both have some advantages and problems in many factors. Android POS comes as a next generation POS that solves this problem perfectly and tops both of the other POS. If you are struggling with bulky Wintel POS or iPAD small screen and high transaction fee, Android POS will definitely help and here are ten reasons to upgrade:

Upgrade to Android POS

Upgrade to Android POS: Perfect POS with advantage of both iPAD and Windows

1. Lowest total-own-cost in 3 options.

With a start-up cost that can reach $3000/device and $5000~$10,000 per package, the traditional Windows POS system is a tough pill to swallow for most shop owners.

iPAD POS system gives hospitality bosses or retailers an easy alternative with what seems like a small initial cost as $800~$2000, but considering subscription cost or transaction fee, the total cost is actually not low at all. First, you will have to spend $1500 to upgrade the small 10.2″ inch screen to a bigger one, and another $500 is needed for the client screen. Second, there is no interface like USB, so you will have to buy Printer, Scanner and Cash Drawer on a higher prices. And finally, most shops have to pay $1000/year for software and $3000 more just for the transaction fee.

Android POS is a next generation professional POS hardware with lower cost. The initial cost is similar to iPAD but with a double sized screen and low cost peripherals to access.

2. 2X Size, 2X resolution, Dual Screen

iPAD POS has higher resolution than traditional POS but the screen size is too small. Android POS has double size screen than iPAD, with full HD double resolution than traditional POS. Furthermore, mainstream POS has a client screen built in for better order experience and in-store advertising.

3. Multi touch or even dual screen touch

As everyone knows, iPAD brings touch experience to a new level. Android POS is powered with the same capacitive multi touch on a bigger screen. Some high-end Android POS also offer built-in dual side touch which opens a new way to engage with customers such as: membership sign up, cross and up sale or instant feedback and review.

4. Scalable with rich interface

POS needs to work in different scenarios with different devices. Built in LAN interface gives Android POS stable network connection to operate with other connected devices and online orders. Multi USBs make it possible to connect to all standard printers, scanners, cameras, etc. Cash drawer can connect to POS directly. WiFi, BT or 4G modem makes the system scalable with a wide range of  wireless devices and connections.

5. Complete product line from PAD to big screen Kiosk

There is no competent Windows tablet or PDA, or big screen iPAD POS or Kiosk. While Android POS ranges from handheld PDA, tablet, dual screen desktop POS, to big screen Kiosk to fit different shop user scenarios.

6. Better performance and experience

Built in ARM multi-core CPU, latest multi touch screen and integrated client screen with touch, Android POS delivers a better experience. Customers can sign up faster and check out easier with 2nd touch. Moreover, it is also an open cloud-based platform with more and more modern POS software moving towards it now.

7. Environment friendly

Android POS CPU has 3x performance per watts. Even with a big screen,  it can save $30/month for you and save electricity for the earth. Customers receive receipts via email which is more convenient and isn’t wasteful of paper.

8. Easy to use

For decades, cash registers and on-premise POS have been hard to use with complex user interfaces. iPAD POS features a modern user interface which is far easier to use, while Android POS delivers an even better experience with a 2X touch screen. You can train employees easier, reduce errors, input orders and process payments faster. Additionally, there are rich integrations with e-commerce, accounting and marketing platforms to get latest features like online ordering, loyalty program, coupon and voucher etc. Android Tablet also has flexibility of mobility, making it easier for stock taking and personal service like ordering at table.

9. Better Security

There is no security or remote management for traditional Wintel POS, while iPAD is more like a consumer product, with public app stores which bring risks from other software. There are also risks of the POS being stolen in store. While on the other hand, the Android professional POS are built dedicatedly for POS applications with  a secured private app store and full screen mode with more safety.

10. Manageable with better support

“People love iPAD POS because the hardware is taken care of by Apple Care while software and data are managed by POS SaaS (Software-as-a-service) vendor. However, professional Android POS vendors like Ivida give you better support with technology and local service.

(1) Hardware: No.1 Android POS brand in the world with millions of terminals running across the world for more than 5 years with a local service centre.

(2) Software remote deployment and updates. Dedicated app store for POS.

(3) Remote health monitor and diagnosis. Once there is problem, vendor can know the issues right away and have a solution for you.

(4) Remote assistance and support. This will make it possible for our support team to help you out instantly when support is needed.”

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