Majority employment impacted by Corona-virus, what can you do in retail and hospitality?

Employment change2/3 of employment impacted by Corona-virus. Latest research from Roy Morgan showed that 67% of Australians have had a change to their employment because of COVID-19. and some people reported several changes to their working conditions. By region, the biggest employment impact in the pandemic is New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Nearly 1/3 of people worked from home in July.

Hospitality and tourist is at first line facing these impact. 16% of people interviewed said that their business slowed or stopped completely, while another 22% having work hours reduced. What does that mean to Hospitality, Retail and Beauty Business?

More people work at home. That means lots of your customers stay at home and they are not allowed or can not go to your shop in person, but demand is still there. They still need food, cooking and grocery and other essential living support. People go online today, so you need to open your shop online.

More employees change. People change more frequently than before; to reduce your cost, you may hire more casual or part time employees; you also need to reduce employee numbers and time to reduce your cost.

So what can you do for that? Going online is far away from enough!

Customer is online, so the straightaway through is going online? Some shops begin to build their shop or website online. They even spend thousands of dollars doing online shop and even more for SEO, Social media marketing or advertising. But that’s totally wrong! Why?

What’s the right Strategy?

Pandemic is a challenge but also an opportunity for all shops. You can slow down your step and adjust your shop facing the future. Adjust product, service and operate model which will catch up the trend.

So it’s time to re-think your POS System and upgrade for the future. Taptouch POS+ system was born for omnichannel sales. We have dedicated Hospitality, Retail and Beauty version that can upgrade your shop to a digital mortar shop. Free to contact Ivida for more information about this.

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