Long crowded queue for coffee in Southbank

Long crowded queue for coffee in Southbank

Yes, this picture is take this weekends in Southbank. Warmer weather have lured large crowds to beaches and market in Melbourne. Melburians have been cooped up since July 8, and number of daily infections dropped to 94 on Saturday. Hospitality owners see the hope but there still a long way to go.

Pandemic change peoples behaviors, more people stay at home and order food online. Shop owners had never faced challenge like this before. It’s a challenge but also opportunity for you to be differential from others.

Online ordering and marketing strategy

Customer goes online during lock down. You also need to have your shop open on Facebook, Google Map, Instagram and other social media. It’s must be mobile friendly that you customer can find your shop and order instantly.

You should have:

Offline Contactless Ordering System

When lock down lift, lots people will come back into your shop. but most shop may have to run with new staff and need to keep your customer safe. Safe and efficient, you need think a new way of ordering.

Ivida Taptouch POS+ for Hospitality is born for connected and already help lots of restaurants running smoothly or even better in pandemic. And the total owning cost is only half or nearly 1/3 of traditional POS. No hidden cost, no lock in contract. Free to visit our website for detail. Demo video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghEYPwZoXEE

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