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BackOffice Quick Setup

Go to Back Office: backoffice.taptouch.net

  • Click register for new account setup. If you have account already, just log in to setup brand and store.
  • Account Setup
  • Invitation code: “ivida” if no from your sales.
  • Please make sure that phone number and email must be correct to recover password if needed.

Brand Setup

  • Suggest Logo Size: 200*200
  • (Logo is not mandatory but prefer to have, because this is good for online sales)

Store Setup

  • Cover banner: used for online shop banner on shop home page.
  • Slug: Store name on Lifeintouch.net
  • Google Map point: please drag the pointer to exactly address of your shop

Other shop Setting

Working Hours

  • Working start day for performance and business operation.
  • Store Open time each day.

Tax Setting

  • Create tax category like: GST, 10%
  • Bind Tax with product categories.

Payment Setting

  • EFTPOS: Tyro, if you want to integrate POS with your EFTPOS.
  • Stripe: To open online shop.

Onlineshop link and QR code

  • Link: Can be share on Facebook, Google or other social media.
  • QR Code: Used for share online or print for instore ordering.

Add Staff that can operate the shop

  • POS PIN code is important used to unlock the POS screen and clock in/off.

Add product categories and products into system

  • Add categories first.
  • Manual add product if Sku number is not more than 100.
  • If Sku number is too big, export Excel template here to import.

Basic setup is ready, and your POS is ready to go.

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