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Add Product

Go to Product management Page

  • Go to product page to manage product
  • Create or manage Categories.
  • Create new product

Add New Product Category

Add Categories
  • Go to Product management page
  • Click Categories
  • New to add category

Add New Product

product add
  • Price: If you want customer to name the price, you can leave it on 0
  • Variants: Different color or size of a product (each variant independent price)
  • Modifiers: accessory or small modifier, price here is price added to basic product.
  • Available: Choose shop available.
  • Terminal: Choose whether product will be sell online or offline.
  • Image: you can choose and change picuture for your product.

Import Product

Before import Product, we need to manually input all categories into system.

Download product template in product page.

Fill the Excel Table with product information

  1. Code: can be number and character, but no duplicated codes are allowed here.
  2. Price: please use number only without currency symbol.
  3. Cost: Please fill 0 if you do not have or no need for that.
  4. Published: All fill in “Published”
  5. Store Name: Fill in all name that have this product listed.
  6. make sure first “Title Line” can not change, and Sheet “Name” must be “Worksheet”

If you don’t know how to fill, you can get check template.

Get it imported into system

  1. Import by choose the file.
  2. Check from front end whether some names of products is too long.

Change the pictures of the products

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