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How to generate internal RCN-8 (internal UAN)

RCN is an identification number used for special applications in restricted environments defined by local GS1 organisations or by a company.

RCN-8 is good to be used for small shop or hospitality to program goods for fast check out using barcode.

Data structure of RCN-8

RCN-8 Data Structure
  • N1: Prefix. Can be 0 or 2. 2 is suggested to use.
  • Item reference: N2~N7. About 1M products can be programed. Suggest to divide by departments and categories. For example:
    • N2: Department
    • N3~N4: Categories
    • N5~N7: Product code
  • N8: Check Digit: check digit used by bar code reader to make sure that the coce is read correctly. Suggest to use online tools to generate automatically.

Sample of coding product and generate Barcode

Tools to use: http://www.barcode-generator.org/

  1. Lets put Department 1 as Code Food department, Category 01 as Sandwich, product 001 as Egg Cheese Sandwich. Then N2~N7 will be: 101001.
  2. Input N1~n7 to barcode generator in the link above: 2010101, and then press “make Barcode”
  3. Generate the whole code and barcode and download PNG or JPG and print out to use.
EAN Barcode Generator

Some other place for batch barcode generation:

Input the Barcode to Taptouch POS System for daily use

  1. Input the code to Taptouch POS system Barcode. For example: 21010019 for Egg Cheese Sandwich. (Either on POS item editing or backoffice)
  2. Print out the bar code as sticker for fast check out barcode
  3. Then you can scan the barcode and begin sales.

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