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Taptouch 3.0 Upgrade — Small change, Better Experience

Fully Optimized NEW POS system

After half a year R&D. We are excited to announce our biggest upgrade on Taptouch POS. Both Sales & Check out pages are fully optimized. Benefits of 3.0:

  • More than 20% ordering time expected to be saved for each orders
    • One level Menu with more “Menu Tabs” from 6 to 10 and more
    • Repeating simplified 3 Step for each item: “Tab –> Product –> Modifer” (2 step for item without variant or modifier, 1 step if not change categories).
  • Optimized payment Menu: Intuitive and more easier for split payment
  • Time Shift Menu Group supported (Advance Features)
  • Quick item editing: stock, price, etc (Press and hold Items in product List and then you can edit the product)
  • Flexible discount: Predefined, Amount, Rate, Name the price
  • Quick predefined notes for order and Items

How to upgrade?

Before upgrading to 3.0. Suggest you take a picture of each Menu Tab to be used to configure a new Menu. If you are familiar with your own Menu. Just ignore this step.

Just reboot your POS and go to the App Store, find Taptouch Hospitality to update.

  • D1 or D3 Black Dual Screen: Just reboot the system and you can see the message to remind you to upgrade. Click upgrade all.
  • D3 Single + D3 White: Taptouch POS –> settings –> Upgrade
Update in App Store

How to optimize the Menu

Most customers are usine 2 level Menu in Taptouch 2.x.x.

  • Click the Menu Tab
  • Choose Categories
  • Choose Product

While in Taptouch 3.0, we stronglly encourage you to use 1 level Menu setting to save your time and order more efficiently. Here is simple step to do so:

  • Click on the Menu Group on the top –> Click “Edit Menu Group” in the drop down Menu.
  • Click on “+” to add a new Menu Group –> Name it ase New –> Click Save –> Click Menu Tabs editing button
  • For each new Menu group. Taptocuh POS system will add all Categories into the system automatically. You can do some customization to make it perfect for you to use:
    • Adjust menu tab sequence: Press and hold Menu Tab, one activated, move it up and down as you want.
    • Press add button to add Item List Tab for: Set Menu, Combo Menu, Multi Categories in one Tab, Popular dishes or item not in a category.
    • Check more information about the Time Shift Menu Group here.

Quick start using Taptouch 3.0

Taptouch 3.0 comes with Intuitive UI and easy to use without learning cycle. Here is brief description of some key user interfaces.

  • Sales page
  • Payment Page

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