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Taptouch POS System Quick Start Check List

Taptouch is simple but powerful POS System. To maximize the utilization of powerful tools and grow you business, here is a check list for quick star.

Hardware Connection

  1. Connect Printer and Scanner to POS (small POS and big POS)
  2. Connect Cash Drawer to POS.
  3. Connect power of Printer, POS and power on.
  4. Set up network of Android WiFi to connect to network.
  5. Download or upgrade to latest Taptouch POS System.

Log In/Out and Register Open/Close

  1. Log in using account email and password: Virtual POS.
  2. Register open (Petty cash).
  3. Clock In/Out
    1. button and Sync button test.
    2. Attendance System.
    3. Multi Staff switch and Multi Language
  4. Register Close
    1. Shift/Register Close/Shop info
    2. Sales summary, Cash in information
  5. Log Out
  6. Screen auto lock.

Product and Menu

  1. Product Items
  2. Modifier and Options (Add modifier and options if needed)
  3. Set Menu
  4. Stock Tracking and low stock warning.
  5. Customized price and sales by weight.
  6. Drag and drop Menu customization.


  1. Printer:
    1. Multi Printers
    2. Receipt Auto print?
    3. Print Group setting
    4. Ubereats Printer for kitchen upgrade?
  2. Payment
    1. Integrated EFTPOS?(Integrated receipt, reduce key in error, reduce unpaid, auto surcharge)
    2. Surcharge to customer setting
    3. Wechat and Alipay
  3. Online Platform
    1. Stripe online payment setting
    2. Other online platform Setting
    3. Ubereats Printer? Epson TM30 (242 full interface with PSU)
  4. Order setting: prepare time, fulfillment, auto accept online order.
  5. Cashbox: Cash in/out


  1. Drag and Drop Menu
  2. Discount (order discount and item discount)
  3. Table setting
  4. Unpaid order mode?
  5. Online Order
  6. Phone Call Order
  7. QR Code Scan to order
  8. Facebook and Google Order
  9. Staff order @ Table

Customer and CRMs

  1. Customer information (quick input)
  2. Customer bundle
  3. Loyalty Program?

Promotion and Advertising

  1. Advertising setting
  2. Coupons
  3. Vouchers
  4. Auto Discount

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