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Printer Setting in Taptouch

General printer Setting Up in Taptouch POS System

Launch POS application

  1. Login using “owner” email address and passswordd for back office.
  2. Clock In using 4 PIN code (can be set or found in back office, Staff managmanet)
  3. Click “Printer” in Settings

Printer Setup and Test

  1. Click “add” button to add new printer (please connect your printer before setting here)
  2. Name it.
  3. Choose Model. If you POS is not in the list, choose “Other model”. Taptouch support most of 80mm Direct Thermal printer that compatible with “ESC/POS” command. (Epson Thermal printer command)
  4. Choose right connection “USB or Ethernet”. And then choose port number or input IP address (IP Address setting of Taptouch Thermal Pritner here)
  5. Click “Print Test” And see whether your printer will print correct. If no, please submit support with printer brand and part number and connecting method.
  6. Click confirm to apply the setting.
  7. You can setup multi printer for receipt and kitchen printer.

Kitchen Order Print Group Setting

Most of restaurants have more than one kitchen station. Taptouch POS system can support multi Kitchen station free and it’s easy to set up.

  1. Add new kitchen group and add food categroies into the kitchen group in backoffice.

2. Choose different group for specific printer on POS side. If you want to print label or receipt for each dishes. Please enable the opitons “Print Kitchen Order by Item”

Special Configuration for Printer

  1. Auto printer receipt. You can enable or disable auto receipt printer if needed. It will enable and disable receipt printing in all scenario. But in payment page, there is a button to enable and disable receipt printing, this button will override setting here for printing final receipt.

2. Print individual dishes for kitchen order. If you want to pring label or sticker for each of the printer.

3. If there is no printer in the list, please try others or contact Ivida support team.

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