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Ordering at table by staff

Ivida Taptouch POS+ Hospitality build in staff mobile ordering system. Staff of Cafe or restaurant can help customer at table. All orders will be printed at receipt printer and kitchen station printer automaticlly.

Ivida Mobile Ordering System for staff is good replacement of traditional mobile tablet ordering.

Hardware Platform Needed

Phone, Tablet, Ivida Mobile POS. Mobile ordering can run on Chrome or Safari browser without app download needed.

Staff Manage and Performance Report

  1. Staff in your shop need to log onto the system using their phone number and PIN code (same as POS).
  2. All order will be booked under the staff which is easy to manage and track performance.
  3. You need to setup table on backoffice in advance https://www.taptouch.net/docs/taptouch-hospitality/setup/table-number-setup/

Process to order

Log at “lifeintouch.net/oa/yourslug” (Youslug is name defined for your shop in backoffice).

Order Area

Order at table and the order will be printed by kitchen printer and receipt printer automatically.

Book Mark staff Ordering Link

If you are using tablet or phone for staff to order at table, you can just bookmark it for easy access on Safari or Chrome:

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