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Manual Discount user guide

Taptouch Hospitality support 2 types of Manual Discount:

Item Manual Discount

Item Manual Discount is used to give customer free dishes if customer have a big deal, or you are doing some promotion like buy 1, 2nd one is half price.

Just click items in shopping cart:

Choose “Half Price” Or “Free” so that you can do discount for this items.

All discount will be summarized in daily report and you can click “Discount” in during register close to know the detail.

Order Discount

There are 2 type or discount by orders. They are setup on back office in advance and you can apply it just as adding an item.

  • Setup discount on back office — > Promotion –> Discount –> Add. There are 2 types of discount, cash or percent.
  • After discount setup. We need to sync on POS to get latest discount setting.
  • Long Press on sales items customized menu and add discount into empty blocks.
  • We can apply discount by adding discount just like adding a new item. (1) Multi discount can be accumulated by sequence. (2) You can edit and remove discount by editing discount
  • All discount will be summarized in total discount during register close

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