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In Store QR-Code Scan to Order

Taptouch POS Hospitality comes with QR-Code scan to order system. You can put shop QR-Code on stick on window, on countertop, or on the table. Customer can scan and order and pay in shop without any cost happen.

Benefits of QR-Code Scan to Order

Free Contactless ordering, safe and fast

Revenue grows with more orders and higher average transaction value.

Skip the Queue, Improved customer experience

Highly reduce cost and time of ordering, more time for staff for better service

Easy to Collect customer information for marketing in future.

More loyal customers with VIP membership and credit rewards program

QR-Code Scan to Order Deployment

Active your free online ordering

When your Taptouch System is set up, it comes with a free online ordering system. Just register Stripe to receive online payment and activate it. https://www.taptouch.net/docs/payment-online-ordering/online-ordering-and-booking/online-payment-setup/

Get You QR Code printed and displayed in your shop

  1. Go to backoffice.taptouch.net, log into your backoffice.
  2. Download QR code and print it out and display in your shop (suggest at counter, on table, stick on the entrance door, 2nd screen of your POS)
  3. Enable your shop ordering button on Facebook. https://www.taptouch.net/docs/payment-online-ordering/facebook-ordering/setup-order-button-on-facebook/
  4. Put lifeintouch ordering link on your Google My Business. https://www.taptouch.net/docs/payment-online-ordering/google-ordering-button/enable-ordering-link-on-google/

Scan and Self Order In the Shop

Scan and order (by the counter or at table)

For restaurants without table service, customers can scan and order at the counter, pay online or at the counter. Both Android and iPhone can work well with Chrome or Safari.

  1. Customers open the their phone.
  2. Use QR code scanner to scan the code (You an use other QR code scanner build in, but
    1. iPhone using camera after iOS13
    2. Android Phone using Google Lens application or Camera with Google Lens actived. (Android 9 and after)

Pay Offline in Shop

Customer choose pay offline to submit the order (if order @ table, choose table number)

POS popup a message for unpaid order

Staff can go to “Orders” to check the order and process that.

Shop staff can decide whether refuse or accept based on your own policy:

  1. If a customer orders at table, you can accept that and pay later
  2. If the customer orders by the counter, you can process that when the customer shows the order number to you.

Pay Now or Pay later

After accept the order, staff can add/remove/change order list and then click:

Confirm: Customer pay later.

Pay: Process payment

“TT-Pay” Fast Payment in 3 senconds

After choosing pay offline, customer have 2 options to processing the payment:

  1. Claim the order number and process the payment mannually.
  2. Auto contactless payment with patent pending “TT-Pay” (You need to enable Tyro payment and “TT-Pay” feature on Taptouch. (Contact us for detail to enable that)
    1. Find out QR code of the order.
    2. Scan the QR code on QR Code scan Box
    3. Tap your credit card on Tyro EFTPOS to finish your payment.

Pay Online and Instant Order to Kitchen

  1. If customer choose pay online, they can scan their Card and pay online.
  2. Command of order paid online will be go to the Kitchen printer directly and no staff is needed.

Most Android or iPhone support scan Credit card to pay online.

Cost of processing online payment (1.75% + $0.3/order) for payment processing and 3% for order processing.

payment processing cost can be set as surcharge to customer.

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