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Vairant, Modifier and Option

Taptouch Hospitality POS is very strong and flexible supporting different requiement menu. There are 3 tools that can be used for different menu requirement.

  • Variant: Variant is used for different size or color of product. Such as Small, Middle, Large Latte.
    • Used for configuration for same product on different color, size.
    • Different price applied for different product.
    • Variant name is just color/size name. Like “Large” , then Product will be displayed as “Latte (large)”
Variant on POS
  • Modifier (Add-on) is small topping, add on or source for dishes. Or Accessories for goods.
    • Modifier is added in product setting on backoffice, bundled to product. One modifier can be bundled to different product.
    • Price for modifier will be added to product price. For example, modifier “Soly milk” is $0.2. Latte is $4.5, total price will be $4.7
    • Modifier will be pop up automatically when product is clicked to add shopping cart.
    • Modifier can be add multi time by click multi times on POS.
Add Modifier on back-office
Add Modifier on back office
Choose to bundle Modifier in office
  • Option is used for modifier or change that not popular for normal ordering, such as allergic, no ice for soft drinks, etc.
    • Option is added on back office and bundled to categories but not to product.
    • Option will not pop up if there is only options with a product but no variant or modifier. It can be added by clicking product in shopping cart
    • Option can be added for multiple times with price.
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