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Vairant, Modifier and Option in Product Menu

Product Menu of Taptouch Hospitality POS is very strong and flexible supporting different requiement. Variant, Modifer and Options can be used in different scenario

Here is summazize of these 3 which make it easier for restaurant to build a easy to use Menu:

User ScenarioProduct Major changes like: Colors of TV, Size of Coffee, Beef/Lamb with CurrySmall Modifer or add-on, very popular to use and change basedd on product. Like Suger, milk type in coffee, topping in bubble teaSome none-common used opitions or commnd like: Spicy level, allergyc, special command to kitchen or bar
NameVariant Name is part of product name and print in Receipt and Kitchen with brackets, like “Latte (Large)”Print and display under the name of product. Multi Modifier will be printed in multi line.Print and display under product name, after Modifer. Multi options maybe printed togeter and seperated by space.
SKU CodeDifferent Variants have different SKU codeNo CodeNo Code
PriceVariant Price willl overide the product price.Final price = product (Variant) + modifer price + Option PriceAdded to Total Price: Total = Product (Variant) + Modifer + Options
Number of ChoiceOnly one Variant can be choosedNumber of each and total modifiers can be set from 1 to unlimited Number of each and total options can be set from 1 to unlimited
Define and settingAdded in product edit page directly(1) Define modifiers (2) Bundle with product(1) Define options (2) Bundle with categories


  • Variant is used for different size or color of product. Such as Small, Middle, Large Latte.
    • Used for configuration for same product on different color, size.
    • Different price applied for different product.
    • Variant name is just color/size name. Like “Large” , then Product will be displayed as “Latte (large)”
Variant on POS

Modifier (Add-on)

  • Modifer (Add-on): small topping, add on or source for dishes. Or Accessories for goods.
    • Modifier is added in product setting on backoffice, bundled to product. One modifier can be bundled to different product.
    • Price for modifier will be added to product price. For example, modifier “Soly milk” is $0.2. Latte is $4.5, total price will be $4.7
    • Modifier will be pop up automatically when product is clicked to add shopping cart.
    • Modifier can be add multi time by click multi times on POS.
Add Modifier on back-office
Add Modifier on back office
Choose to bundle Modifier in office


  • Options is used for modifier or change that not popular for normal ordering, such as allergic, no ice for soft drinks, etc.
    • Option is added on back office and bundled to categories but not to product.
    • Option will not pop up if there is only options with a product but no variant or modifier. It can be added by clicking product in shopping cart
    • Option can be added for multiple times with price.
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