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Table Setup in Taptouch Hospitality POS System

Taptouch Hospitality POS support restaurant with table service in 2 mode: Table Lite and Full Table Service mode.

Table Lite Mode

Table Lite Mode Setup

Taptouch POS free version support Table Lite mode which is enough to use for most of take away or Cafe. And it’s easy to setup.

  1. backoffice.taptouch.net –> Setting –> Tables –> Add Table Number
  2. Enable Table Service in: Backoffice –> Setting –> order setting –> POS
Add Table Number

Use Table Lite on POS

Orders will save to table number your defined.

  1. If you pay directly, then the order will just link to the table number and the number will be released right away.
  2. If you send to kitchen and pay later, the table will not release untill the order is paid.
  3. You can mearge, split or change table if needed.
Unpaid Order with Tables

Full Table Features with Floor Plan

Advanced full table feature does not mean floor plan only, there is full table status incuding customer number, table status. You can do complext feaures just like: Table move, mearge, split and bring back, dish move, Kichen quick message etc. It will make a dining restaurant operated efficiently.

Setup table layout in back office

  1. In Chrome or Safari browser, go to backoffice.taptouch.net –> Setting –> Floor plan –> Add new area (Multi zone can be added in one shop).
  2. Enable table service on POS as pervious one.
Floor Plan (Table) Setting

Set table as POS default home screen for fast operation

  1. On POS: Setting –> Order setting –> Set default mode as “table service”
  2. Enable auto lock after sent or payment finish.

Table mode operation

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