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Taptouch POS Quick Setup in 5 Steps

Taptouch POS is connected POS to collect orders both online and offline. It’s easy to setup. After basic store and menu setup, here are quick setup steps on POS for the first time.

1. Hardware Connection & System Basic Setup

  • Connect POS with (1) power (2) Cash Drawer (3) LAN cable (4) Printer through USB or network. All sockets are unter the main panel of POS. Then power on.
Ivida POS Interface connections

(2) Power on the POS and connect to the internet. Once internet connected, Taptouch POS software will download automatically. Hospitality and retail are two different versions, please make sure the right version is downloaded. If you can not see the Apps, go to “App Store” and download it.

2. Register Login & Open

(1) For the first time, register need to login and open. Account and password of login is just same as backoffice: Brand or Store Manager Email and password.

(2) After successful sync between POS and Backoffice, you can open the register with staff PIN Code (Can be found in backoffice, staff management, default is “1234”). Then put in floating money (Petty Cash) and then open the register.

3. Product Menu Customization

After product items are added on back office, it can be found in all items. You can customize short-cut tab (up to 6) and name it to speed your ordering.

(1) Long press on an empty Tab Item block and then “Edit Mode” willl be enabled.

(2) Click on any tab to add short cuts of: Product, categories, discount, set menu.

(3) Then long press Tab name to change it. After finishing customization, click done.

4. Add local printers on POS.

Click Setting –> Printer Setting –> Add a new printer –> Name printer, choose model and connection, define the content to print –> Print Test

Printer Setup

5. Order setting customization

Click Setting –> Order Setting. Here you can customize the default order fulfillment, general preparation time, whether you need to lock screen after sending order to the kitchen.

Order Experience Setting Up

Then the basic POS setting is done. Then you can just go back to the Product Menu to take orders.

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