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QR-Code Table Ordering 3.0 Setup

Taptouch QR-Table enables customers to view E-Menu and self-order on their phone. Shop owners can enable that easily and here is how.

Online Shop and Menu Setup

  • Enable Online payment with Stripe. Here is step, if that’s already done, you can ignore that.
  • Optimize your items to be friendly and promotional to your customers. Click here for more.
  • Taptouch POS can support dedicate Menu for dine in or table service, different price on same items
  • If you want the dishes to be visible for Dine-in/Table Service only. Please go to item and enable the option in dish detail:
  • Set a different price for Dine in if needed.
  • Add announcement or advertising for dine in E-Menu.

Table QR-Code and NFC setup

  • Download QR-Code and web link for NFC in the backoffice: backoffice –> Setting –> Table
  • Writhe the link to NFC tag using a phone with NFC
    • Download and install “NFC Tools” by Wakdev from Apple App Store or Google Play Shop
    • Open “NFC” Tools, write the table URL (scan QR-Code and copy from address of browser) to NFC

Free QR-Table 2.0

QR-Table 2.0 is free to all Taptouch customers with Tables. Multi customers can order together and do not need to input customer information. And the process of self-order at table is simple as:

  1. Scan QR-Code or Tap NFC
  2. View E-Menu and put in Order (Multi customers can view and order together sharing same shopping cart)
  3. Pay online and push order to Kitchen

Advance QR-Table 3.0

QR-Table 3.0 enables customers to view order history and add dishes any time and they can choose to pay offline. The process of QR-Table 3.0 is as below:

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