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Product Menu setup

Taptouch POS System is powerful and flible to support different menu requirement. Here is guideline to setup product menu.


  1. Product List: Basic product information like name, categories, price, description and categories.
  2. Category: Easy for shop owner to manage different product.
  3. Set Menu: Used for bundle sales and banquet menu.
  4. Variant: Different style of same product like color, size.
  5. Modifier: Add-on or small accessories for product. Can be bundled with product and will be pop up for each new product added.
  6. Options: Some unusual options for product like allergic, bundled with categories and will no popup when add product to shopping cart.

Add or import new product

New product can be added manually or import fro csv file. CSV file template can be download or exported. (backoffice.taptouch.net)

Categories (New categories need to be assigned to Kitchen Station to Print out)

  1. Course Sequence: This is used for sequence course with in multi course dinner. Used to give kitchen order in sequence.
  2. Options: Different options like allergic, spicy level can be bundled to categories if needed.
  3. Once a new categories added, remember to add it to the Kitchen Station/Printing Group so that the kitchen order of dishes in this categories will be printed out in correct place
  4. Sort the categories in properly so that the important ones can be displayed on your online Shop

Set Menu or Banquet Menu Setup

Advanced features for bundle sales or banquet menu. You can set SetMenu by selecting product from list.

Setmenu setup
setmenu Banquet menu

Menu setup and sync with POS

If there is change happen on menu, remember to sync from POS side for latest updates.

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