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Kitchen Station Printing Group Setting

Kitchen Station or Printing Group Set Up

Taptouch Hospitality POS can support multi kitchen printer group for flexible kitchen fast operation. Here is an example to show to to setup multi kitchen printing group for that. Here is an example to setup kitchen station/printing group based on user scenario. Good configuration will save lots of communication and time between from and back kitchen.

If there is a restaurant that have 3 printers: Countertop, bar & kitchen. Here is how to setup.

1. Define Kitchen Group in Back office

go to backoffice.taptouch.net –> Setting –> Kitchen Station –> New –> Define ad name and choose categories that made in the kitchen. Some Tips:

(1) If you one Categories food need to be co-work in 2 station. We can choose the categories into 2 different kitchen.

(2) Some quick serve or take away have multi kitchen station an want to pack everything in front. We can define a packing station to print on receipt pritner.

2. Setup Printer and printing group on POS

(1) Go to setting on POS, and click ” Printer Setting”

(2) Add printer by: Name it –> Choose Model –> Choose connection mode and input IP address if by network

(3) Enable Print Kitchen Order –> Disable “All Items” –> Choose Kitchen Station you want to print.

(4) Add to other kitchen pritner like Bar, Cold Kitchen, etc.

Notes: Some restaurant want to print each dishes with a order for staff to serve the dish. Then “Print Kitchen ORder by Item” can be enabled. Then if customer order “Fried Rice * 5”. Then kitchen will got 5pcs order with 1pcs “Fried Rice” on each order.

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