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Backoffcie Quick Setup in 9 Steps — Hospitality POS System

Taptouch POS is a connected Smart POS which can boost your sales both online and offline. Basic setup is needed on both backoffice and POS side. Here are steps for backoffice setup in an hour within Chrome browser on PC or MAC.

1. Taptouch Account Setup

Go to Back Office: backoffice.taptouch.net

  • Click register for new account setup. If you have account already, just log in to set up brand and store.
  • Invitation code: “ivida” if you don’t get it from your sales.
  • Please make sure that phone number and email must be correct to recover password if needed.

2. Brand Setup 

Some brand information like name of your shop, logo & business type. In Taptouch POS sytem, Brand is also regarded as an organization. You can set up and manage multi shops under a brand.

  • Suggest Logo Size: square picture bigger than 200*200. (Logo is not mandatory but prefer to have for custome to remember you and get more sales online)
  • Business Type: For restaurant, cafe, bar or take away shop, please make sure to choose “Hospitality” here.

3. Store Setup

Store basic information like Logo, cover photo, slug name, phone, Address and Google Map PIN will be used either in receipt printing or online shop.

  • Cover banner: used for the online shop banner on shop home page. Please choose one that can reflect the character of your shop. Resolution of the picture is 1280*720.
  • Slug: Store name of online shop. Your store link online will be “https://yourslug.lifeintouch.net”. In the slug, please use lower case character & number without space. And do not change once fixed the name.
  • Google Map point: please drag the pointer to the exact address of your shop. The address will be used to calculate the cost of delivery and please make sure it’s correct.

4. Working Hours or Open Time

  • Working start day for performance and business operation.
  • Store Open time each day. (Important as this will be used to control online ordering open and close)

5. Payment Setting

6. Add & Manage Staff for the shop

  • POS PIN code is important used to unlock the POS screen and clock in/off.
  • For the free Taptouch version, only one staff is available and suggest to name the staff that to Staff & Store Manager.
  • Advanced staff features: Access control, Attendance report, performance and action report
  • More information can be found here:

7. Add product categories and products into system

  • Add categories first.
  • Manual add product if SKU number is not big as less than 100.
  • Export Excel template to fill the table and import basic information: Name, Price, Categories, Description (important for online shopping).
  • More menu setup information can be found here.
  • You may need to add more like variant, Modifer or options and here is more information.

8. Tax Setting — Each Time you create a category, remember to double check the Tax Setting

  • Create tax category like: GST, 10%
  • Bind Tax with product categories. (One or more categories are needed for Tax setting)

9. Kitchen Station & Printing Group

Most restaurants have more than 1 printer for easy operation. Taptouch POS support multi Kitchen Printers and label printers as well besides Receipt Printer. 2 Steps to setup printer:

(1) Assign categories to different Kitchen Stations.

(2) Choose to print different Kitchen Station groups on the printers on each POS : https://www.taptouch.net/docs/taptouch-hospitality/setup/quick-setup-pos-in-5-steps/#4-add-local-printers-on-pos

Quick setup on backoffice is done, and you can go to your POS to go on setup.

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