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Banquet and Set Menu

Banquet menus (Set Menu) list food selections for banquets, which are festive dinners that celebrate special occasions in restaurant. Here is guidline to setup and use it in Taptouch POS System.

Create Banquet Menu in Taptouch Back Office

Go to backoffice.taptouch.net under Chrome browser on a PC or MAC, go to “Items” and then “Set Menu”, click “New” for new banquet Menu.

  1. Fill the basic profile of the Banquet like name, price and description. Price for the banquet will override all dishes’ price inside.
  2. Add dishes into the banquet, use filters to find dishes quickly. If there are no dishes here. You need to add a dish under “Items –> Goods”.
  3. Choose course for each dish.
  4. Set banquet as Dine in/Table Service only. Then this will only be visible for DineIn/Table-Service, both on POS and QR-Code Menu.
Banquet Seup
1. Backoffice on Chrome 2. Items 3. Set Menu 4. New
Banquet Profile 1
1. Profile; 2. Add Dishes 3. Choose Course
Banquet Profile 2
Set Banquet only available for Din Ine and Table Service
Choose Dishes for Banquet
Use Filter to find dish quickly and add into banquet

POS Side Setup and Usage

Once the banquet menu set up in back office, you can easily add a Shortcut/Quicklink on POS. Remember to Sync with Cloud before setting up Banquet Menu on POS.

  1. Create an Item Tab in the Menu Group.
  2. Add Banquet into Items Tile.
  3. Once the banquet ordered, dishes will be printed to different kitchen stations with Course Line.
  4. With advanced table management (floor plan), Course calling away can be done easily by one click.
1. Press & Hold on Tabs to active edit mode; 2. Add new Tab 3. Choose Item Tab. 4. Name the Tab 5. Done to Save
1. Press & Hold in Items zone (must be under Item Tab to Active Menu 2. Customize Menu; 3. Add Banquet as an item tile.
Banquet Docket for Kitchen
1. Choos Table; 2. Click “bell” icon near course line to call away

Tips of Banquet Menu

  1. If dishes of course can be chosen by the customer. We can create a dish with modifiers, then customers on the table can choose from the list. For example, If customer can choose Fish & Prawn in Main Course:
    1. Setup a dish: Seafood with modifier Fish & Prawn.
    2. If there are 5 guest orders on the table, they can choose 3 fish & 2 Prawn.
  2. Special banquets are always needed for festivals like Monther’s day, Christmas, etc. You unpublish it if you don’t use it and enable it again next year to save your time of setup.

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