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Membership Term & Features

Loyalty Reward Card & Program in Taptouch is powerful and support both physical NFC card, Google Wallet & Apple Wallet. Features as below.

Loyalty Reward Card

Membership Terms

  • Membership Card: Also called Loyalty Card or Reward Card. It can be phisical card or electronic card in Digital Wallet. End customer need to register either on the POS or online to get a Membership Card.
  • Reward Points: Reward points is popular used for loyalty program, customer get points for cash & card payment. Rewards rate can be set by the shop while redeem rate is 100cents = $1 for all points in Taptouch System.
  • Digital Punch Card: This is program to replace phiscal punch card. Customer can get a “Punch” for special items and then redeem for a free item if they have enough punches like 10. It’s popular used in Cafe or Bubble Tea Shop.
  • Member Credit: It’s shop credit card or re-charge card. End custoemer buy product with credit term and pay later, or they can top-up the card and using credit to buy product.


  1. Card template customizing: Shop can define theme color, logo, card name & banner on the card.
  2. Customer to apply the card: End customer can get the electronic card by scan a QR-code or on the POS.
  3. Award Point:
    • Scan or show phisical/digital card during shopping and get award points.
    • Redeem the point during check out.
  4. Digital Punches:
    • Scan or show Membership card to get digital punches.
    • System will automaticlly redeem once end customer have enough punches to get a free item during check out.
  5. Member credit:
    • Topup or pay for the credit on POS or online.
    • End cutomer can scan membership card to use credit for check out.
  6. Assets checking:
    • On POS or online shop, customer can check their assets like: Award Points, Digital Punches, Member Credit.
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