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Membership Card Setup and Customer Portal

Taptouch support Electronic Loyalty Card in Google Wallet and Apple Wallet. Here is guideline to setup and apply for that.

Reward Card Feature Setup

1. Visit the backoffice to make sure that Membership feature is opened. If this feature is opened for your shop, you can see the enrollment portal link and QR-code for end customers.

2. Display the Membership portal QR-code and link:

  • QR-code: Client Screen on POS
  • QR-code: Display poster on counter
  • QR-code: Social Media like Facebook/Google/Instagram
  • Membership Link: On your webpage.

3. Setup Template of Membership Card: Backoffice –> Customer –> Reward card –> Card Style

  • Input you Logo here, suggest 300*200 or bigger with the same ratio. PNG file with transparent background or white is preferred.
  • Strip: Picture that will be used as theme images.
  • Background Color: You can use the color of your brand. (Tips: Better to use a deep color since the default character color in Wallet Apps is white).

Membership Card application process

Apply Membership Card on Web

  1. Customers visit the web portal that the shop supplied. like: https://cafemel.lifeintouch.net/g/member (this can be found in backoffice)
  2. Fill phone number and personal information, then you can get the message. Click the message to add the card into Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

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