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Digital Reward Program User Guide

Digital rewards program in Taptouch can help retain return customers and here is guideline to setup and use.

Customer Loyalty Program Setup

Reward Point Policy Setup

  • First, you need to enable digital Membership Card and Loyalty Reward Points program by calling your sales or subscribe service in backoffice.
  • Digital Reward Prgram is features running on Digital Membership Card, make sure that membership card is already setup in backoffice
  • Setup Parth: backoffice –> Customers –> Reward Points. Click New to add a new reards program
    • Redeem policy is fixed, 100point = $1 which also means 1 point = 1 cent.
    • So in the reward program, if spent $1, ear 1 point. Means about 1% disount.
  • Welecom Reward: If you want customer to get reward points for signing up, you can set it up here.
Reward Program Policy Setup

To use as members

  1. Card template customising: Shop can define theme color, logo, card name & banner on the card.
  2. Customer to apply the card: End customer can get the electronic card by scan a QR-code or on the POS.
  3. Reward Point:
    • Scan or show physical/digital card during shopping and get reward points.
    • Redeem the point during check out.
  4. Digital Punches:
    • Scan or show Membership card to get digital punches.
    • System will automatically redeem once the end customer has enough punches to get a free item during check out.
  5. Member credit:
    • Topup or pay for the credit on POS or online.
    • End cutomer can scan membership card to use credit for check out.
  6. Assets checking:
    • On POS or online shop, customer can check their assets like: Reward Points, Digital Punches, Member Credit.

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