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Loyalty Card & Reward Program

Terms & Features

Loyalty Reward Card & Program in Taptouch is powerful and support both physical NFC card, Google Wallet & Apple Wallet. Features as below.

Loyalty Reward Card

Membership Terms

  • Membership Card: Also called Loyalty Card or Reward Card. It can be a physical card or an electronic card in an Apple/Google Wallet.
  • Reward Points: Reward points is popularly used for loyalty rewards, customers get points for cash & card payment.
  • Digital Punch Card: This is a program to replace physical punch cards. Customers can get a “Punch” for special items and then redeem for a free item if they have enough punches like 10. It’s popularly used in cafes or bubble tea shops.
  • Member Credit: It’s credits issued by the shop to use first and pay later; or top-up credit by the customer to use later as money in the shop.


  1. Setup:
    • Card template customising: Shop can define theme color, logo, card name & banner on the card.
    • Policy setup of award point, digital punches & member credit.
  2. Customer to apply the card: End customer can get the electronic card by scanning a QR-code, through the online portal or on the POS.
  3. Award Point:
    • Scan or show physical/digital cards during shopping and get award points.
    • Redeem the point during check out.
  4. Digital Punches:
    • Scan or show Membership card to get digital punches.
    • System will automatically redeem once the end customer has enough punches to get a free item during check out.
  5. Member credit:
    • Top-up or pay for the credit on POS or online.
    • End customer can scan membership card to use credit during check out.
  6. Assets checking:
    • On POS or online shop, customer can check their assets like: Award Points, Digital Punches, Member Credit.


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