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Backoffice Quick Setup

  • Click register for new account setup. If you have account already, just log in to setup brand and store.
  • Account Setup
  • Invitation code: “ivida” if no from your sales.
  • Please make sure that phone number and email must be correct to recover password if needed.
  • Brand Setup
  • Logo image should be 200*200 png or jpg files.
  • Store setup
  • Make sure that the point on google map is correct
  • Other Settings
  • Set the weekly begin day for business to calculate staff performance.

  • Create Tax Categories first with rate. Like GST 10%
  • Add new tax and apply to relative product and service.
  • Set right open time of the shop.

  • Staff Setup
  • Add staff and set PIN code for POS side so that staff can clock in on POS.
  • Service setup
  • Create Service Category
  • Add different service:
    • Choose estimated time (easy for other to booking).
    • Job type use :Normal.

Down load and Launch “Tatptouch Hospitality” Application on POS

  • Account: Mail of brand owner or store manager
  • Password: Same as back office password

  • Choose brand and shop name. If you only have one shop, just click “confirm”
  • Use staff PIN code of staff to open register to work.

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