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POS Quick Start

  • Use brand owner or shop manger email as account to login. Then choose brand and store.
  • Use staff PIN code to open Register. Put in daily Petty Cash to cash box if needed.
  • Jump in home page to start with “quick service
  1. Search zone for customer and booking quick search. (last 4 digit)
  2. Quick Service and Purchase button.
  3. Calendar area to see booking status
  4. Upcoming booking
  5. Staff that in service with time left/available time. (click the staff portrait when service finished)
  6. Staff standby and performance.
  • Choose Service for Quick Start and complete service.
  • Once sevice finish, click staff portrait in “staff in service” zone. Click “complete” in service page. Go to Cash In.
  1. Add product or Voucher if customer needed.
  2. Redeem coupon or voucher.
  3. Choose payment type
  4. Pay

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