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Phone Booking

  • When customer phone comes, input last 4 digit of customer phone number.
  • Click Customer search button
  • Choose the customer (if customer not in the list, “Add customer”)
  • Click Quick service
  • Click Booking
  • Choose staff if customer prefer special staff
  • Choose service, duration
  • Choose start date and time
  • Click Confirm

  • Booked service will show in calendar
  • Booking today will be show in “upcoming booking” in home page.
    • When booked customer arrive, click the booking to start service.
    • If customer is late, this booking will change color and can be clicked to edit (cancel, change time, or delay)
  • When customer arrive. Click “arrive” and “start”
  • Or click “Edit” to change
  • Or click “late” “no show” to mark this booking

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