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Daily Register Open and Close

Daily Register Open

  • Input PIN code of staff here. (PIN code set in backoffice staff profile page)
  • The staff do register open will clock on as well.
  • Input Petty Cash you put into cash drawer. And then tap “Register Open”

Register Close

  • Click Register Close in setting when you need to do daily summary.
  • Sales summary, Service sales, customer visit ranking, satisfaction summary can be seen on left side.
  • Right side is for cash in reconciliation
    • Check the cash and input final cash number here.
    • Check card and other payment
    • Promotion and VIP discount
  • Click cash, card and other button to see the list of payment.
  • If there is other comments, input into comments.
  • A summary receipt will be print after click “Register Close”

After register off, no need to shut down the POS the standby power of the POS is very low @ mW level. Just click power button to shut down the display.

Then you can quick open the cash register next day by clicking the power button.

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