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Quick Start with CAS CL5200

CAS CL5200 is patten approved scale with label pritner, suitable to use for Butcher, Fish pier, or prepacked fresh food.

Spec and Key information

  • 72 PLU, 36 Function Key
  • Max Capacity: 15Kg; Interval: 5g
  • Label paper roll suggested (58*40, Diameter: 100/40)
  • Symbols on display
  • Key Layout

Label Roll Installation

Label Roll can be bought here. https://taptouch.lifeintouch.net

Popular Label Roll: 58*40, Diameter: 100/400

Replacement: Follow the guidelint on the cover, after installed, click “FEED” button for auto adjusting.

Check Label formart in standby mode: 1510 –> Menu (ESC to exit)

Basic Setting Check

  • Date & Time: 1840 –> Menu (Press “Esc” to exit)
  • Press “Auto” for Auto mode (Put goods on scale, choose PLU, label will be print out automatically)

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