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Label Printer User Guide

Label printer is popular used in logistic, hospitality and retail shops. It can be used to labeling prepacked food and re-labeling for promotion. Taptouch POS build in driver and application for some label printer like GP-2120T. And here is guide of generic usage of label printer under windows.

Connect Label printer with Host (Windows of Taptouch POS System)

USB and Ethernet ports are built in with most Ivida Label printers and you can connect Windows PC using USB interface or Ethernet interface.

If you connect the label pritner with Host using Ethernet interface, make sure that you change the IP address of the printer to make sure that it’s in the same segment with Host.

Download Windows Driver for Label pritner

You can download the label pritner from Taptouch official website or from the link here.

After downloading, just follow the steps to install the driver. Make sure that you choose right the interface of the printer.

Use Bartender to design and print labels

  1. Download bartender special edition here.
  2. Install bartender, choose right printer to enable Ultralite license.
  3. Open and define the paper specification
  4. Design Barcode, Text, Line, Picture ect components on the template

More Bartender quick start video can be see here:

Another good video to start with:

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