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Ivida Thermal Printer User Guide

Ivida thermal receipt printers and Kitchen printers are compatible with Epson ESC/POS command with full interface (LAN, Serial & USB). It can be used to replace Epson printers. Popular model from Ivida:

S300H: 300mm/s High Speed Full interface (USB/Ethernet/RS232). Suitable for general usage especially receipt printing.

A300L: 300mm/S High Speed Full Interface. Oil/Dust/Water Proof, Sound and Light Alarm. Dual Band WiFi Connection optional.

D200N: 200mm/S Full Interface (USB/Ethernet/RS232). Economic version receipt printer, not suitable for high volume with multi host.

Printer Self Test

  1. Install paper roll and connect power adaptors to the printer.
  2. Press and hold “feed” Button, and then power on the printer. After “Beep” from the printer, release the feed button. Self test paper will print out with configuration and profile of the printer.

Selftest receipt can help you to know that Printer is in the right condition and configuration. Normally, there are 2 popular changes, DIP switch for configuration or IP Address change.

Printer DIP Setting

Both S300H and A300L have a DIP setting on the bottom of the printer as below. Please remember to power off the printer before opening the bottom config door and change the DIP setting. Some popular setting is:

  1. SW-2: Disable the Beep of printer (for a kitchen printer).
  2. SW-4: Enable and disable support of 2 two-byte characters like Chinese, Korea and Japanese.
Thermal Printer DIP Switch
Thermal Printer DIP Functions

D200 does not have DIP built in, it is build with Software DIP which can be set using POS tools below.

Printer IP Address Change

Default IP Address of the product is You need to change the IP address to the same segment with POS or computer if needed. It’s easy to do on PC even if you do not have any IT background.

  1. Download “Thermal Printer Config Tool” from https://www.taptouch.net/downloads/#manual. Unzip to run directly.
  2. Connect the printer to your computer using USB or Ethernet and then Power ON the printer.
    • If connected by USB: Please make sure to remove other USB printers on PC avoiding confusion to the system.
    • If connected by Ethernet. Please manually change your PC Ethernet IP address to 192.123.100.xxx.
  3. Input the address as request as below:
    • Port Select: select the right port you use, USB or NET.
    • Printer Type: Please use POS-80 for A300L and S300H.
    • Printer IP: Please input the IP Address shown on the self test paper and then press “Connect” to test. (Only needed if you connect through LAN)
    • New IP: Input the IP Address you want to set –> Click “Set New IP” –> Then you can hear a “Beep”
  4. Power Off the printer. Power on with a self test and check whether it’s successfully configured.
Change Thermal Printer IP Address

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