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Epson TM-m30ii printer quick start guide

Epson TM-m30ii printer can work well with Ubereats on Android Tablet or iPAD. Thanks for multi interfaces: USB, LAN and Bluetooth built in, this printer can works under well for both Ubereats and Taptouch POS System.

iPAd and Ubereats tablet can connect through Bluetooth while Taptouch POS can connect through USB or Ethernet.

Docs and Utility:

1. https://download.epson-biz.com/modules/pos/ Search TM-m30II

2. Download “Reference Guide”

3. Download ultility to config that:

(1) Windows: TM-m30II Utility

(2) Epson TM Utility (for iOS or Android)

Set Up

  1. Load paper, connect cable and power on the printer. (Tips: US the USB port on Ivida POS on side which is far away from power cord)
  2. Connect and config either by iPAD or Windows PC with USB interface.
  3. Connect Ubereats tablet with iPAD
  4. Connect Taptouch POS by either USB or LAN interface.

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