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Setting up GP-2120T for Taptouch POS System

GP-2120T is Label printer that used popular in bubble tea or butchers retail . You can connect it with POS either by USB or LAN interface (Ethernet).

If through USB interface, you can connect it directly. If you want to connect through Ethernet. You need to setup IP address in advance.

GP-2120T Part

Paper Roll Installation

LAN IP Segment checking

Before connecting Label printer, we need to make sure that the printer IP address is in same LAN with you POS.

  • Power on the device.
  • Install paper roll.
  • Press a small PIN just beside the RJ45 (LAN) socket on the back. Self diagnosis information will be printed out. You can check the IP address there. It should be by default
  • Launch Label Pritner Tools on PC to change IP Address

Launch Tools on PC to change IP Address to same LAN segment

If you POS IP is 192.168.15.xxx, and you want to change the IP of Label printer to You can follow step below to change that:

  1. Change the LAN address of your PC to Connect printer with you PC by a LAN cable.
  2. Ping (old Label Printer address) to make sure that they are linked together).
  3. Launch “Printer Tools” from Ivida. set the printer to new address. You can hear “Beep” sound when stetting command successfully excuted.
  4. Power down and power off the Label printer. Change your PC address back to normal. Ping It should be correct.

If you connect printer using USB (please make sure that there is no other printer connect by US interface). You can follow step below to set the IP address:

Make sure to reboot the pritner before testing the new IP address.

DIP-Setting for Language and Bandwidth

There is setting DIP on back of the pritner. Open the cover as in the image and begin setting.

Language: To support Chinese printing, please set DIP5-6 in SW-2 to “OFF OFF”.

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