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Open Box Setup

Hardware Connection

  1. Connect Cash Drawer to RJ12 port
  2. Connect Receipt Printer to USB interface
  3. Connect Power cord cable.
  4. Power on the OS by long pressing power button on the back.

WiFi connection and Software auto installation

  1. Follow the guideline to setup WiFi and wait for software auto installation if system is not tested by your supplier before. If system is active already, connect WiFi.
  2. Check system update and software update.
  3. Check software for auto update.
initial setup

Input Language Setting

Follow link below to set suitable input method for you: https://www.taptouch.net/docs/pos-hardware/pos/language-and-input-method-setting/.

Launch Taptouch POS

  1. Login account: email of owner or manager. Password: Same as your password for back office.
  2. Register open and screen unlock PIN code. Staff PIN code (you can find and set it in back office, staff management)

Drap and Drop to customize your sales Menu Homepage

long press on item area of page, then you can customized it using drag and drop UI. Long press position 1 to active edit mode, long press area 2 to change page name.

We suggest you to have 2 page and more if you needed:

  1. Category page, so that you can choose item from this page by category.
  2. Popular product pages for popular product.

Connect and setup Printer in POS Language Setting

Please follow guide line here to setup up printer here: https://www.taptouch.net/docs/pos-hardware/printer/printer-setting-in-taptouch/

Setup Integrated EFTPOS

If you have Tyro Integrated EFTPOS and applied to connected with Taptouch. Please follow link before to connected with you POS.https://www.taptouch.net/docs/payment/tyro/pair-integrated-pos-from-tyro/

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