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Surcharge setting for EFTPOS

When customer pay on EFTPOS, there is surcharge fee happen for bank processing. Here is some tips of setting and using during processing.

Shop or restaurant can surcharge the payment processing cost to customer but RBA have some regulations on surcharge. Learn more here:


Surcharge Setting for Tyro

  1. Enable automaticlly surchage on Taptouch Backoffice
  2. Enable surcharge to cusotmer on Tyro
  3. Pay a small money like $2 with VISA/Master card to see the result.

Saving Surcharge fee in daily use

Surcharge fee for different channel is totally different. And the most popular and low cost channel is EFTPOS tap. You can encourage customer to use domestic EFTPOS card tap to save cost of your cusotmers.

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Enable Surcharge on Tyro

Dynamic Surcharging allow you to configure a surcharge for the following:

  • Mastercard credit
  • Mastercard debit
  • Visa credit
  • Visa debit
  • eftpos
  • American Express /JCB
  • Diners Club
  • UnionPay credit
  • UnionPay debit

For eftpos and UnionPay International, please ensure your EFTPOS machines are up-to-date, described below.

We recommend making changes to surcharging outside of business hours. This is because you will need to update your surcharge signage displayed in-store and surcharge configuration data will also need to be downloaded to your EFTPOS machine(s).

Note that it is recommended you ensure your EFTPOS machine software is up-to-date so you have access to the latest features. The latest software version can be found here : What is the latest software version for my EFTPOS machines, and the steps to check software versions are here: How to check your software version. After your EFTPOS machines are up-to-date, return to this article.

To  enable surcharging follow the steps below.

Surcharging must be set through the Tyro portal.

1. Make sure your EFTPOS machine(s) are powered on and idle.
2. Login to the Tyro portal. This can be found through the following link : https:/merchant.tyro.com

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3. Click on Manage my surcharging under Common tasks or select Self-Service and then the Surcharges tab.

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4. Select the Edit rates button

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5. To ensure that you are surcharging compliantly, you should ensure that you only surcharge up to your cost of acceptance for that particular card type.

Tyro will provide you with your cost of acceptance for each card type, however, it is at your discretion to determine the applicable surcharge that you would like to apply. You may choose to include additional eligible costs that are not included by Tyro in determining your final cost of acceptance. However, you will need to be able to provide invoices or statements to support your calculation.

By default, Tyro will not include EFTPOS machine rental fees into the calculation of your cost of acceptance. However, you may choose to include your machine rental fees into the calculation by selecting “Adjust recommended rate to include EFTPOS machine fee”..

6. If desired, adjust the surcharge rate for each card type. When satisfied, select Update surcharges

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7. Acknowledge that surcharging data will need to be downloaded to your EFTPOS machine for surcharging to take effect.

8. As part of the RBA requirements, you are required to display signage that clearly shows to your customers the applicable surcharge rates that apply. We have provided templates which you can download and display on your counter where customers can clearly see the surcharge rates. 

A template can be found here: https://help.tyro.com/s/article/Where-can-I-find-a-surcharging-template-for-my-business

9. Make sure your sign describes the surcharge rates you have applied on the Tyro portal.

10. Print out your new surcharging signage.

11. Display signage on your counter, where customers can clearly see the surcharge rates.

12. After activating surcharging on the Tyro portal, you can enable or disable this feature in the configuration menu on the EFTPOS machine.

  1. Reboot the EFTPOS machine (Press and hold the yellow “CORR” key for 8 seconds)
  2. Press the Menu key
  3. Go to Configuration
  4. Select Surcharging
  5. Select whether the machine will enable or disable this feature

12. Start a payment transaction on each machine. If the words “Surcharge may apply” appear on the display, then your EFTPOS machine has been updated. We also recommend pressing the info button and checking that the displayed surcharge amounts are aligned with the surcharge rates you set on the Tyro portal.

Any problem, please contact tyro for support: 1300 966 639

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