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Pair Taptouch POS with Tyro Integrated EFTPOS

Together in partnership with Tyro, fast-moving businesses have been able to streamline their business processes through our feature-rich, integrated solutions. It’s easy for shop to pair Taptouch POS with Tyro Integrated EFTPOS in 1 minutes. Only 3 Step needed:

1. Enable Tyro payment on Backoffice

  1. Visit backoffice.taptouch.net –> Login –> Setting –> Payment, add Tyro as payment on POS side:

2. On POS side, lock screen and click sync button to sync latest information.

2. Pair EFTPOS

  • Find MID and TID of Tyro (you can get it from self test receipt or
    1. Click “Menu” Button on Tyro EFTPOS (Call “TYRO” later on).
    2. Choose “configuration”
    3. Choose “Pair with POS”, then you can see MID and TID. Write it down.

  • On Taptouch POS. Go to Setting –> Payment –> Tyro –> Config
    1. Follow guide line to pair
    2. Choose terminal type you are using
    3. Fill in MID and TID and begin to pair
    4. On Tyro EFTPOS, click pair “key sent”, you can see this message.
    5. On POS, you can see “Pair Success.”

  • Some time, you will see message of “Time out” on POS. This maybe caused by 2 reason:
    1. Internet connection is not stable, but it’s not common.
    2. After you fill the MID and TIM and click pair on “Taptouch POS”, then click “pair” button on Tyro EFTPOS to send pair key out.
  • Taptouch support Integrated receipt, which means that both menu receipt and payment receipt will be printed out on POS receipt printer. much more easier for customer to get integrated receipt.

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