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Linky EFTPOS pairing and user guide

More than 200,000 EFTPOS terminals from major banks like NAB, ANZ, WestPAC, CBA use Linkly as integration solution, here is guideline to pair and use of Integrated EFTPOS.

Preparation Integration

  1. Call your EFTPOS vendor to make sure that your device on hand support “Linkly Cloud Gateway”. Here is the list but need to double confirm with your EFTPOS vendor. If not, ask them to change the device or upgrade the softwre for you. Bank supported till now: NAB, Suncorp, Fiserv.
  2. If your bank or EFTPOS vendor ask for the POS to integrate with: It’s tablet POS System, “Taptouch” By “Ivida Smart”.
  3. Instruction needed from EFTPOS vendor:
    • User name & Password of Cloud Gateway.
    • Instruction to get “Pairing code ” from EFTPOS.
Bank supported by Taptouch

Enable Linkly EFTPOS on backoffice

  1. Go to backoffice.tapotuch.net, login using user email and password.
  2. Go to setting –> Payment, add “Linkly” as Payment terminal on POS.

Pair Linkly on POS terminal

  1. Go to setting –> Payment –> Click “Configuration” for Linkly
  2. Pair and input the pair code from EFTPOS to pair

Tips of Using Integrated EFTPOS

  1. Surcharge: Taptouch support Auto Surcharge with Linkly.
    1. Automatic surcharge
      • If your EFTPOS supports auto surcharge: Enable “Automatic Credit Card automatically surcharge” on back office.
      • Set surcharge rate to different card type on EFTPOS backend portal (please ask EFTPOS vendor for help)
    2. Manual surcharge
      • Select “yes” for surcharge and set the rate. Then Taptouch will calculate surcharge on POS side and push total number to EFTPOS.
  2. Network tips of Integrated EFTPOS. Taptouch connects with EFTPOS by cloud so the network stability and response time is critical to payment experience. Here is the tips:
    • Connect your POS system with LAN cable but not WiFi avoiding long delays on network.
    • Connect your EFTPOS to LAN cable as well (ask your bank for a POS with LAN interface)
  3. Non-integrated backup
    • Add another card payment method. If there is an issue with Linky Gateway, you can still process the payment manually on POS and EFTPOS.

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