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Integrate Suncorp bank EFTPOS with Taptouch POS System

Taptouch POS System supports Integrated EFTPOS. Suncorp IPP35, MOV 5000 and LAN 3000 can be integrated with Linkly cloud gateway. Here is guide line of MOVE 5000 Integration guide and other banks or models can use it as reference.

Because Taptouch POS works with EFTPOS through Linkly cloud gateway, fast and stable network connection is critical for reliable transactions. Before pairing EFTPOS with Taptouch, it’s better to connect Taptouch POS to the modem using LAN cable and use a static IP address if possible. Here is 3 steps to link MOVE 5000 with Taptouch.

Enable MOVE 5000 to use LAN cable for internet connection (Not mandantory, better to have)

  • Connect MOVE5000 base with LAN cable
Installationsanleitung Move/5000
  • Enable the base using LAN for the internet.
    • Press Menu button –> Choose 2: Terminal
    • Choose 4: Host comms
    • Choos ETH: using ethernet as host interface
  • pair MOVE 5000 with base using Bluetooth.
    • Press Menu button, and then choose “Terminal”
    • Choose Setting
    • Choose Bluetooth
    • Then follow the page to pair the EFTPOS with base and check status.

Enable Linkly cloud gateway client on EFTPOS

  • Press Menu button –> Choose 2: Terminal
  • Press 3 choose “Others”
  • Press 1 choose “Interface”
  • Choose “Ethernet”
  • Choose “Client”
  • Make sure that the cloud gateway server name is correct
  • Port: 443
  • SSL enable
  • Use PCEFTPOS (Linkly name before) SSL profile

After Linkly cloud service config correctly, there will be success log in message pop up.

Pair EFTPOS with Taptocuh.POS System.

  1. Go to Taptouch backoffice –> Setting. Fill in username and pwd got from Linkly
  2. Sync on POS and go to Setting –> Payment to pair Taptouch with EFTPOS.

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