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Enable ordering link on Google

Once your Taptouch POS system is ready. You also have a free online ordering system ready. You have multi shopping space for customers. To leverage this advantage better, you can put the link on your Google my business.

This will help on local search and customer can find you easily. As well, it will help landing of you business because customer can order and book sets instantly. It’s 10 minutes job and here is how you do:

Choose You Slug and Online Shop Name

Go to backoffice.taptouch.net. Go to setting and choose your shop, choose the best name you want (5~20 characters)

Setup Stripe account to receive money online

Follow link below to receive payment online and active your online shop: https://www.taptouch.net/docs/payment-online-ordering/online-ordering-and-booking/online-payment-setup/

Put link of you shop on Google so that customer can find you and put order instantly

Log in Google My business and find your shop. https://www.google.com/business

Put shop link into Google:

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