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Stripe Online Payment Setup for online ordering on Taptouch POS

Taptouch POS partner with No.1 online payment platform Stripe to supply online ordering system. Restaurant or retail shop register account on Stripe and link the account with Taptouch System to collect money. A Standard Stripe account is a conventional Stripe account where the account holder (i.e., your platform’s user) has a relationship with Stripe, is able to log in to the Dashboard, and can process charges on your own.

What’s Standard Connect account?

Integration effortLowestLow
Integration methodAPI or OAuthAPI
Fraud and dispute liabilityUserPlatform
Platform can specify payout timing?Yes, with Platform controlsYes
Identity information gatheringStripeStripe
User can access the Dashboard?Yes, full DashboardYes, Express Dashboard
User support provided byPlatform and StripePlatform and Stripe
Automatic updates for new compliance requirementsYesYes
Support new countries without integration changesYesYes
Ideal for platformsWith experienced online businesses as usersAny type

Sign Up Stripe Account first

Go to www.stripe.com, register your own account there. If you already have stripe account, pleae ignore that.

Connect Taptouch with Your Stripe Account

Enable Online Stripe Payment in Taptouch backoffice:

  1. Go to backoffice.taptouch.net
  2. Click Setting –> Choose “Payment”
  3. Add a New Payment –>Choose “Web” –> Choose “Stripe” –>Choose “Product”

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