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Taptouch Free Online Ordering Setup

TTaptouch Hospitality & Retail built a free online ordering shop which enables another channel for you to collect orders online and through self-ordering by phone. Shop owners can save thousands of dollars on website building and there is no monthly subscription cost. And it will take you only 5 steps with a computer to get everything done.

Benefits and Cost of Taptouch Online Shop

What you can get:

(1) 24*7 Hours boundless shop to collect orders and showroom of your amazing food or product.

(2) Contactless Free QR-code and Scan to order.

(3) Free Facebook/Google/Instagram order button or link.

(4) Build up your own customer base with membership online.

(5) Online traffic landing and result analysis.

Your cost: 0 if customers order online and pay offline. Lowest commission in Australia for online ordering and payment.

3 Step to Open Taptouch Free Online Shop in Half and Hour

1. Make sure correct shop information on Taptouch Back office is filled in.

(1) Store slug: the name the before lifeintouch. final shop linke will be: https://yourslug.lifeintouch.net

(2) Cover Photo: A good cover photo will help persuade your potential customer to buy.

(3) Phone and address of your shop because this will be displayed on your web store.

(4) Go to setting –> Open Time. Make sure that all of your store open time is correct. Online shop will only open in your open time while your POS is open.

Shop information for online ordering

2. Open Your Own Stripe Account and Connect it with Your online shop

(1) Go to www.stripe.com, follow the guideline to open your Stripe account.

(2) Go to setting in your Taptouch Backoffice, and then add a Stripe payment and connect it with your account.

Stripe Payment Connnection
Connect Stripe Payment to enable free online ordering

3. Print out QR-Code and Link the online shop with Facebook/Google/Instagram or Your own webpage.

(1) Download QR code or Generate your own QR-Code using tools that you are familiar with. Print it on Name Card, Menu, DM, Poster, Table Number Holder, Window sticker. Then your customer can use their phone camera to scan & order. Order will go to your POS directly to accept or reject for processing.

(2) Get your online shop address and link it with your webpage, Google My Business or Facebook/Instagram order button. When customer order online, you can get reminder and process it on your Taptouch POS directly.

Online shop linke and QR-Code
Online shop linke and QR-Code

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