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Display Ads and announcement for Online ordering

Online announcement and Ads are good tools to communicate with your customer with promotions and special deals. Easy to setup as below.

Online shop Display Ads and Announcement

1. Online Announcement 2. Promo Message or Title

Setup Online Announcement

Online announcement will be displayed on top of Menu and is used for information broadcast. It can be used to tell customers the change of your open time, delivery area, etc.

Changed online announcement on backoffice in a minute:

Go to backoffice.taptouch.net –> Advertising –> Online Store –> Announcement

Display Ads

Multi ads can be displayed on the ordering page for promotion of new products, special dishes or discount programs. And a poster will be displayed if you click on the promo message which is helpful for sales conversion.

Display Ads can be set up easily in a minute in Taptouch Backoffice.

Click Advertising –> Online Store –> Display Ads. Click “New” to add new ads or edit ads there.

  1. Title: will be displayed on the ordering page.
  2. Picture and description will be displayed when clicked.

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