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Delivery Platform Setup

Taptouch POS builds in support for 3rd party delivery like Ubereats, Menulog, Doordash or Deliveroo. If you have your own delivery, you can enable that online and on the POS as well.

3rd party Delivery Platform Link Setup

Delivery platforms are important to some restaurant like Quick Serve, but it’s bad that there are too many out links on delivery platform ordering page. Customers already intend to order in you shop may go away to your competitors. And the commission of takeaway ordering cost are too high on delivery platform. At same time, some online marketing platform like Facebook or Instagram can only support one ordering link.

To convert more takeaway customers as your direct customers and catch those customers need delivery as well. Taptouch online ordering system have one perfect solution for that, here is what your customer see on online ordering:

Takeaway Orders to POS Directly and Delivery by Third Party

Then How to get this perfect solution? Here is 2 simple step to get it done in 3 minute:

1. Put the 3rd party ordering link into you backoffice

Go to backoffice.taptouch.net –> Setting –> Third Party –> Add or Edit delivery platform to add order link of delivery platform.

Delivery Platform Link
Way to support Delivery Platform

2. Use your own E-Menu link as the only ordering linke and E-Menu link Facebook/Google/Instagram

Go to Google My business, remove the orderlink of Ubereats, Menulog and etc, leave your E-Menu link as the only one. This will protect you from the platform to steal traffic from you.

Own Delivery Setup

If you have your own delivery, Taptouch POS system can support it perfectly and enable seamless working experience on both POS and online. Simple 3 minutes to get it setup:

  1. Go to backoffice.taptouch.net –> Store Setting –> Order Setting
  2. Enable delivery for both online and offline.
  3. Setup delivery zone with Name, Minimum order requirement, Free Delivery Threshold, Delivery Fees and choose suburb that you can deliver to.
  4. Sync on POS for the latest configuration.
Restaurant Own Delivery Setup


  1. Your customer can order delivery and the fee will be calculated automaticlly.
  2. On POS, if your staff put in delivery order, the delivery fee can be calculated by system as well.
Taptouch POS Online Delivery Platform

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