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3 Essential Things for Successful Online Ordering

Most shop owners are experienced on how to do a successful cafe or restaurant, but few know how to win more online ordering. And here are 3 essential tasks that help you to win more business from online.

1. Make Sure all shop information of online shop is correct

(1) Your shop name, address, phone number in backoffice will be used in your online shop. Make sure that you update it to your latest correct information.

(2) Slug is critical as your online shop, please use easy to remember and understand abbreviate name of your shop. Once slug is fixed, your online address will be used everywhere including printing marketing collateral. This will be crawled by search engines, with time going, the cost of changing it will be huge.

(3) Open time in Taptouch backoffice must be updated to reflect the latest status because the online shop will be open and closed according to this setting. You will make your customer disppointed if they put in an order and find that your shop is closed.

(4) Choose a good cover photo which is persuadable to the customer to put in order.

Shop Information Editing

2. Product Information Optimization

(1) Name: Make sure that your product name is not too long, easy to understand.

(2) Detailed description of product will help your customer to understand the product and make decisions.

(3) Choose a Sales Tag for some product you want to promote, like Popular, Special. This will highlight the product you want to sell.

(4) Choose out dietary tag for customer easy to filter out your product like: Allergy, Gluten Free, etc

(5) Put good photos of your dishes online. Good photo will improve 30% of sales online.

(6) If some products are only sold online or in the shop, you can choose the available shop. Shorter list of food will help customers to put order in soon.

Product Information
Edit of Product Information
Shop with Phto vs Shop w/o Photo

3. List and advertising your own ordering link and QR-Code online and in shop

(1) List your own order link on your Google My Business, Facebook Page, Instagram and other social media. To avoid Delivery platform like Ubereats/Menulog/EASI to stole customers from you, put order link only and input delivery platform as 3rd party on backoffice. Then you can 100% retain the traffic for take away as your private customers.

3rd Party Ordering Platform Link
Delivery Platform Support

(2) Advertising order QR code everywhere: Countertop Stand, Window Sticker, Shop Name Card, Shop Menu Brochure, Menu, Customer Receipt, Poster, Client Screen of your POS. They are auto vending machines everywhere to collect orders.

Online Ordering Link
QR-Code in Shop

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