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Enable ordering link on Google

Once your Taptouch POS system is ready. You also have a free but powerful online ordering system. This will help to open your shop online and convert traffic there to orders with customer profiles collected.

If you have the Google order link set up, when customer finds you on Google Map, they can view the E-Menu and order instantly which will pop up on your POS directly. Here is guide line for you to set it up in 10 minutes:

Choose You Slug and Online Shop Name

Go to backoffice.taptouch.net. Go to setting and choose your shop, choose the best name you want (5~20 characters)

Setup Stripe account to receive money online

Follow link below to receive payment online and active your online shop: https://www.taptouch.net/docs/payment-online-ordering/online-ordering-and-booking/online-payment-setup/

Log in Google My business and find your shop. https://www.google.com/business

Multi Delivery Platform support — Ubereats, Menulog, Doordash, Delivroo, EASI

Online delivery platforms like Ubereats are important to some customers because it can help the shop to reach customers that need delivery service. But there is also a big problem — traffic leakage. If a customer find your shop on Google and wants to order through Ubereats, it’s easy to jump out of your shop on Ubereats to your competitors. To help you convert the traffic to your own customers but not lost customers for delivery. Here solution:

  1. Input Ubereats or or other delivery platform ordering link in Taptouch Backoffice.
  2. Disable self-delivery if you don’t have that.
  3. Put POS ordering link as the only link on Google.
Delivery Platform Order Link
Delivery Platform Support
Delivery Platform supported on Lifeintouch Ordering Page

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