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Setup In-Store Marketing & Advertising

Maybe the ROI (Return over Investment) or PPV (promotion Program Value) of in-store marketing is highest in all marketing activities. You have the right potential customers; there is no much distraction from your shop display, or client screen; and the most important thing is that it’s easy to convert to sales, return or upsales.

Taptouch POS System give you powerful Tools to catch the customer attention with in-store advertising and you can set right policy during checkout, standby or Kiosk mode. And it’s easy for you to set up your advertising policy in backoffice, no matter you are using the Hospitality ,Retail or Beauty version.

  1. Log onto your backoffice, then click on “Advertising”, and then choose In-Store Advertising for POS.
In-Store Advertising Setup

2. Click ” New” to add a new Advertising.

(1) File, browse the picture or video file on you PC/Mac. Suggest resolution and aspect ratio is: 1280*800 if you are using D3, 1920*1280 if you are using T2L. Most of popular video or picture format are supported but Webp, JPG, PNG, MP4 is prefered. If you are uploading a video, video length & audio should be carefully considered.

(2) Name, this name is used for you to mark the content of the advertising.

(3) Scenario: define the scenario when the ads will be played. Iden means that the POS is in standby mode and no ordering and check out there, checkout means one customer is checkout on POS. Kiosk means the first page of Kiosk standby mode.

(4) After media file is uploaded, please remember to sync with POS, then the file will be download and played on POS in10 seconds intervals.

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