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Delivery platform setup — Ubereats Menulog Doordash Delivroo

3rd party delivery platforms like Ubereats, Menulog, Doordash, Delivroo constitute a significant proportion in restaurant revenue. And it’s important to integrate these orders into the POS system. Taptouch POS system supports 3rd party delivery platforms well both on orders and price.

Advantages to put through order by Taptouch POS:

  1. Queue the order on different kitchen stations.
  2. Print shop receipt with order QR-code to convert platform customers to your own customers.
  3. Promotion information for advertising on receipt.
  4. Universal stock tracking and reports.

2 Simple steps are needed to setup 3rd party well:

Enable 3rd party on backoffice

  1. Go to backoffice of Taptouch POS.
  2. Log in using manager email address and password.
  3. Click setting –> Third Party; Click New to add 3rd party.
  4. Choose “3rd party” from the list. The URL is used for 3rd party online shop. You can fill this to enable delivery button on your web store.

Match product price with Delivery platform

In backoffice, click Items –> Click “Third party” –> Change the price here to match with the platform.

3rd Party order inpu on POS

After setting up 3rd party, remember to sync on POS to make sure the latest setting is downloaded to POS.

  1. To put in 3rd party order, just choose click on the fulfillment and then choose 3rd party you use
  2. You can type in the order number or customer name on order notes.

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