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Extended Warranty Options

All Ivida hardware comes with 1 year standard warranty. We also have extended warranty options for customers. These options are only valid for some high value product like POS, Signage and traffic Camera.

Cost of extended warrant (only valid for POS but not to bar code reader and thermal pritner):

  1. From 1 year standard warranty to 3 years warranty: 28% of purchase cost.
  2. From 3 Year to 5 year: 44% of purchase cost.

Questions: Your warranty rate is much higher than other POS, why?

  1. Because our POS hardware is only 1/2 price of competitors while maintenance and repair labor cost is same. Rate is high, but cost is still lower than others.
  2. Because it’s not only warranty but also issuance with courtesy POS system.
  3. It’s still a better option comparing no warranty. Because its predictable cost and ensure your daily operation with next day courtesy POS equipment.

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