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5 reasons to buy extended warranty for POS System

5 Reasons to buy extended warranty for your POS System

Almost everyone has faced the decision on whether or not to purchase an extended warranty.  How many times do we say “no”, only to have the product fall apart the day after the warranty expires? Most restaurants spend thousands of dollars on their POS equipment and software but few purchases warranty that are critical to the restaurant’s daily operation.

If you buy Ivida Taptouch POS+ System, the cost of entry ticket price already reduced a lot. And here are 7 reasons why restaurateurs or retailer should have a POS maintenance warranty:

  1. Predictable costs – When you pre-purchase your maintenance, the cost of maintaining the system is budgeted. 
  2. Repair decisions are easier – The restaurant operators can focus on running the restaurant rather than on wondering if they are making sure the system is up and running. 
  3. Increased hours – Ivida supply courtesy equipment in next business day (only for major city metropolitan area, remote place may delayed due to shipping time) . You have issurance for the device you are using to ensure your business daily operation. And you device is free return repaired, the only cost is shipping back cost.
  4. Save money on other services – With a extended warranty agreement, we or our partner will give priority services to the customer who has pre-paid for the services.  Services such as training, new features and consulting services typically are less expensive.
  5. Partnership –Customers need to partner with their vendors.  If you are not on a maintenance agreement, Ivida and our partner will not be able to budget staffing, and then you will not be able to get the services you want or need instantly from your vendor.  This is a long term purchase and a long term relationship.  Every restaurant wants their POS provider to be around to support them in the future.

Cost of extended warrant (only valid for POS but not to bar code reader and thermal pritner):

  1. From 1 year standard warranty to 3 years warranty: 28% of purchase cost.
  2. From 3 Year to 5 year: 44% of purchase cost.

Questions: Your warranty rate is much higher than other POS, why?

  1. Because our POS hardware is only 1/2 price of competitors while maintenance and repair labor cost is same. Rate is high, but cost is still lower than others.
  2. Because it’s not only warranty but also issuance with courtesy POS system.
  3. It’s still a better option comparing no warranty. Because its predictable cost and ensure your daily operation with next day courtesy POS equipment.

Your restaurant’s POS system is one of the important purchases you will make.  Extended warranty with courtesy POS system will keep it running at optimal levels, keeping your staff and customers happy.  What other values do you find in having a maintenance agreement for your POS system?

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