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Tips of Multi Item Ordering

Retail and Hospitality have different requirements of multi item ordering and Taptouch POS System is optimized for different scenarios.

Multi Items ordering in Retail

In the supermarket or some other retail shops, it’s common to scan or select multi-items into one shopping cart. If there is no variant, modifier or option:

(1) If you select or scan the items multiple times, these items will be automatically added up into one line in the shopping cart.

(2) If there is a promotion of mulit-buy discount, the POS system will calculate automatically.

Multi Items Ordering in Hospitality with Variants, Modifiers or options

Most foods or dishes in hospitality come with variants, modifiers or options and the ordering process is a little different.

Multi-buy with same variants/modifier

  • If the product comes with variants or modifiers. The variants or modifiers window will pop up automatically.
    1. Select variants or modifier
    2. Input the number of items customer want to buy.

Multi-buy with options only

  1. If category of the item is binded with options, once the item was clicked multi times, multi lines of item will be added.
  2. If you want to add a same product for multi times:
    • Click the item in the shopping cart
    • Add multi items if needed.

Multi-buy with “Item Notes”

If you want to add multi items into one line with multi click, you can use order notes as comments like allergy.

  1. Go to back office and add Quick Notes in “Items Notes” as below:
2. Click the items without variant/modifier/options, multi items will be added automatically into one line. Click the items in shopping carts if you want to add comments.

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